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Live Sales Info

Live Sales Monday - Thursday 9am/8pm pst 

How to order your pretties on a Live Sale: 

Comment "sold", the number, and size (must be written exactly)
Ex: sold, 121, small 

You will receive an invoice for your item in your email and an invoice will also be sent to you via FB messenger. Items will disappear out of your cart after 4 hours. Pretties will then go to the next person in line & you will be so sad. 

If you edit your comment - our software will not catch your comment. If you make a mistake don’t worry , just comment again and it’s all yours . 

Weekly we restock items on our waitlist! If you see an item you love, go ahead and comment, you never know when it will be restocked. 

Please invite your friends to the page and tag us in your posts. It warms our hearts to see your pictures! When you spread the Love it supports all of us #friendsbuildingfriends

Please make sure all your comments are nice and uplifting. We reserve all rights to remove and block anyone nasty! This is a beautiful community we can all benefit from.